Saturday, October 08, 2005

Modern art

I know a lot of people like to loudly claim that they "don't get" modern art, as though stupidity were a virtue. Could they make it more obvious though than these religious zealots in Russia. I haven't even seen the piece but I can't help thinking that a sculpture of the Virgin Mary in caviar is probably going to be intended to make people think about the contradictions between extravagant lifestyles and religious belief. Probably, if anything, the correct response from religious people is to campaign against those who dine on caviar while outside on the streets people are starving to death. No, no, no though, down with art. Yeah I guess pointing out the ridiculous contradictions between what people profess to believe and what they practice in real life could be construed as inciting religious hatred...

...and the good news is that it'll be illegal here in the UK too soon. Artists, musicians, performers, comedians, secular activists and free-thinkers watch your backs!

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Cruella said...

Ah Cotterpotter...

"It is perfectly possible not to like modern art without being stupid"

It's perfectly possibly to have never studied and not be interested in modern art without that being a sign of stupidity. It's also possible to have a good understanding of modern art but in general feel that you are more interested in classical art. Not understanding something though is rarely a sign of intellect.

And yes Iceman, exactly. Interestingly there was an article somewhere the other day about the late Robin Cook and the fact that he felt he was unable to admit to his secular views in front of the rest of the UK government. France has a real secular government these days and house prices are lower. Maybe time to brush up on your conversational French, n'est ce pas?