Saturday, February 16, 2013

Me on Channel Five News

In case you missed it: me on channel five news debating page three. Check out Neil Wallis's patronising back pat at the end of the clip!  Eww.  ***takes Brillo pad into shower***

I seem to be their guest of the moment lately, here's me from a few weeks back discussing the Delhi Rape case with the much more sensible Sunny Hundal:


poonam srivastava said...

Thanks for making the point that the INDIAN rape case was RAPE and not THIRD WORLD rape or THOSE PEOPLE rape. Rape is rape and it happens everywhere the same. In the US there was such moral indignation against INDIA, very little against MEN who are not trained properly and society that is not safe. Then there was the rape video that went viral of the teenagers.
Even women, feminists, were falling for the dangerous language: Indian or third world women's issues vs women's issues.
So thank you.
Poonam Srivastava

poonam srivastava said...

Thanks for making the point that this was a case of rape not Indian rape or third world rape.
Many people lose sight of the fact that atrocities are happening to women right here all the time when they get to point fingers. Even feminist fingers were pointing to the Dehli girl.
And their was almost an obscene urge to get pics out on the girl. False pics it turned out. No pics of the guys. No FALSE pics of the bad bad men or the lousy people of government.
Then we had the high school football team rapist gang here in the US. Same thing. Media worried that this would ruin the boys' lives.
Well: thanks for calling a rape first.
Also thanks for mentioning that it was a middle class woman and thus getting attention.
Rape is rape.
Poonam Srivastava