Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hello America

It appears your news networks think they can feed you any old lies... in case it's not clear (and it's REALLY not) the Pentagon and Citibank were hacked. People effectively broke into their computer systems and downloaded information. A discussion about whether finding out about dodgy corrupt goings on justifies the means used to get hold of the info and whether the info is ending up in the right hands might be interesting to have, but it's not the point. The point is that the News of the World organisation was a hacker - not a victim of hacking, a PERPETRATOR of hacking. Their journalists didn't hack government offices or large banks - they broke into privately owned mobile phones including those of murderer children and dead Iraq war veterans. Yes they broke into dead children's phones and dead soldier's phones. Seems like Fox News has forgotten to mention this in their coverage.


Paul H said...

They forgot to mention that 9/11 victims' phone were hacked too. I can't imagine why.

Jon Stewart had a different take on it. If you haven't seen it yet:

Jenni said...

The US networks don't just THINK they can feed the populace lies, they KNOW they can. They have been successfully doing it since the 1980s. Then Murdoch's FOX News carried the lies to a much higher plane, bragging they could create "their own reality" and the punters happily bought it.

Verity said...

It's really quite remarkable how they can talk about individuals needing to protect themselves from information theft and hacking but in the same breath accuse "the media" of "piling on" to poor old News International and say that the world needs to move on from discussing hacking. Breathtaking.