Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Glimmer Of Optimism

Seems there is no escaping Gordon Brown as the next leader of the country. I hope he'll do a better job than Blair but I'm not counting on it. The decision is still far from made however on who will be deputy leader alongside Brown. And of the six candidates with their cards on the table there is in fact one who I quite like.

Harriet Harman does care about womens issues and has actually been working to improve the lot of women (shock horror!). You can read more about it in Johann Hari's column.

Further she has come out and said she doesn't think there should be any more faith schools!

It's not that I agree with her on every issue. Jon Cruddas is the only contender who backs a full enquiry in to the Iraq war - but then we don't have the best recent track record on enquiries do we? Might be a waste of time and resources. But Harman's interests seem not only worthy but also (a) forward-looking and (b) achievable. So if you do happen to be a member of the Labour Party, that is my secularist feminist preference please...

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