Saturday, August 12, 2006

Just a Reminder

Fertility treatment is not something to be undertaken lightly. With all the unwanted kids in the world it strikes me as very wrong that society encourages people to feel that they should risk their health and indeed their lives trying have kids which are genetically "their own".


BigRedOne said...

Sorry but that's bullshit. Perhaps there should be tests for people who want to have children before they are allowed to, rather then making prospective parents feel guilty that they aren't clearing up other peoples mistakes rather than having their own children.

But I am sure that every politically correct avtivist would scream blue murder before that happens.

Cruella said...

There really isn't a way of preventing unwanted children. You can't insist that everyone is sterilised before they have sex unless they've got 5 C-grade GCSEs and a marriage certificate. And even if you did people would still have kids and find themselves in new and unexpected circumstances unable to commit to raising the child. What about brilliant university-educated parents who die in accidents?

It's just vanity to insist that your kids have to be genetically yours.

Cruella said...

There's a big difference between feeling regret at not being able to have children naturally and embarking on expensive, dangerous and often ultimately unsuccessful IVF treatment. I just feel that society puts pressure on women in particular that they are somehow incomplete if they don't have their own kids when it would be much more healthy to celebrate those who do the really amazing bit - raising a child.