Saturday, May 27, 2006

What Women Want

Well the "experts" have decided that "too many" women are having caesarean sections. And they're blaming it on - celebrities and medical officials, who apparently should be talking women out of it and into a more painful delivery method. Fair enough but WHY? I have this weird sneaking suspicion that the real experts are the women themselves who have probably spent most of the last nine month worrying about this. They need information about safety rates, interventions and options open to them. Not hounding into things they don't understand by doctors who "know best". Of course what no-one is mentioning out loud is that C-sections cost a lot of money compared to other types of births.

Of course women who want to have a natural home birth get, ooh lets see, no help at all from the NHS in a lot of cases. Something a lot of people are unhappy about.

So what do women want? Could it be the right to choose for themselves, as usual?

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