Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I'm not really making any new year resolutions. Trouble is I always keep them and it's such hard work... If I were to though, one of them would be to keep all my gig dates posted up, last night after a great Entertaining Tales I discovered a friend downstairs who was keen to know where he could see me, to which the correct answer was, two hours ago right here...

So here's what's coming up:

Tonight - Red Lion Great Windmill Street (compering 8pm, free)
Wednesday - Red Lion Great Windmill Street (probably as Super Sandra, 8pm, free)
Thursday - Amused Moose, The Enterprise, Chalk Farm (as Super Sandra, 8pm £5)
Monday 16th Jan - Pear-Shaped at Turnmills, Clerkenwell (as Super Sandra, 8pm, £5)
Wednesday 18th Jan - She-haa, Sahara Nights, King's Cross (as Super Sandra, 8pm £5)
Monday 23rd Jan - Famous Puffin, Tufnell Park (not as SS for once! 8pm, £3)
Thursday 26th Jan - Tiemo Entertainments Finance Debate... details to follow
Friday 27th Jan - Bromley CIU, London Road, Bromley (as me, 8.30pm, £8)
Monday 30th Jan - Anda De Bridge, Shoreditch (as Super Sandra, 8:30pm, free)
Wednesday 1st Feb - Singles Comedy Night, Context, Triton Court, Finsbury Square (as me, with speed dating, this is a £22 event only open to people aged 23-37, etc)
Thursday 2nd Feb - 99 Club, Red Lion, Great Windmill Street (8:30pm, £3)
Monday 6th Fed - Entertaining Tales, The Enterprise, Chalk Farm (Compering, brilliant story-telling show, 8:15pm, £5)

See y'all soon.

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