Thursday, February 24, 2005

Funny women, sad men

Somewhere in deepest darkest Ontario, Dr Eric Bressler is researching the role of sense of humour in sexual attraction. For his latest "trick" he has polled 150 students about what they meant by a “sense of humour”. He found that: "for a woman, a GSOH means someone who makes her laugh. For a man, it means someone who laughs at his jokes." Presumably he means that overall there was a trend in that direction, I refuse to believe all 150 students responded exactly along gender lines.

I really pity the guys with such shrivelled senses of self confidence that they have to go out and find women who laugh at their jokes. I suppose they also prefer women who are impressed with their shoddy shelf-building and inept sexual fumbling. Come on lads, sort yourselves out please before you trouble us with your prescence...

Meanwhile those of you familiar with the Cru-blog will know that I do a bit of moonlighting as a stand-up comic, please email me for my upcoming gigs around London. My old stand-up teacher always reckoned that women had a natural advantage over men especially when it comes to observational comedy becuase they tend to notice more detail and be more aware of social tensions and relationships. Either way there are some great women out there telling jokes and here are a few I would recommend...

Julia Morris, Nina Conti, Jo Caulfield, Juliet Meyers, Debra-Jane Appleby and Danielle Ward.

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