Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Quick Mr Bush, turn the tanks round!

Well after the embarrassing flop that was the hunt for WMD in Iraq, with attendant mass murder of civilians and prompting of massive unrest across the region, this latest news will come as a relief to the "co-oilition" masterminds... Hashemi Rafsanjani says Iran, right next door, DOES have WMD. Actually ones which could make quite a mess of Israel already. More than this the article explains: 'Mr Rafsanjani said Iranian experts could now achieve "all subsequent stages" in the missile production process. ' So why are we not marching on Tehran?

For those, by the way, who believe we went to Iraq to "free the Iraqi people", a brief run through Amnesty's website will soon reveal that the regional human rights "worst offender" is Saudi Arabia. Similarly if you've still got your who's who in the middle east on order and think it has something to do with the Wrold Trade Centre attack, 17 of the 18 pilots involved were Saudi Arabian (the BBC country profile will confirm this if you need to check). So in your cases, perhaps time to urge Mr Bush and co to march on Riyadh...?

But back to Mr Rafsanjani. He says he would only use his missiles in self-defence. A more liberal policy then than Bush-Blair's so-called "pre-emptive"* strike.

* Note: "pre-emptive" implies Iraq would have attacked us if we hadn't attacked them first. The evidence for this has now been dismissed as fake.

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