Monday, September 20, 2004

Betrayed by New Labour

Greg Dyke's documentary "Betrayed by New Labour" on Channel four last night was pretty interesting. For those who missed it I believe the book is available. Inevitably focussed on the events leading to GD's resignation and inevitably focussed on his side of the story (although there was a highlight, for me, when he read out an email from an employee after his resignation which read "f*ck off, i never liked you anyway"!) it none the less made some interesting points. GD and the news team working for him received angry letters almost daily complaining about their coverage of the issues in Iraq... from Alaister Campbell. AC also commandeered interview shows on channel four to lecture the listening public on how the BBC's report was "a lie, a lie, a lie, a lie,...". On the one hand I almost admired AC for just having the nerve to try to pull off such a huge coup - buck-passing the blame for the conspicuously sexed-up dossier and the subsequent death of David Kelly, the troops lost out there and thousands of Iraqis in the direction of Dyke and co. On the other hand I can't help wondering if as he swept out of the studio angrily he didn't leave behind a whiff of sulphur...

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